Dr. Nicolas B. Cowan
(514) 398-1967

McGill Space Institute 202
3550 rue University
Montreal, QC

Curriculum Vitae


I'm an assistant professor in the departments of Physics and Earth & Planetary Sciences at McGill University, as well as a member of the interdisciplinary McGill Space Institute, the Montreal-wide Institut de recherche sur les exoplanètes, the province-wide Centre de recherche en astrophysique du Québec and the Canada-wide Technologies for Exo-Planetary Science. At McGill, I teach EPSC/PHYS-186 Astrobiology, PHYS-214 Introductory Astrophysics, ATOC/PHYS-404 Climate Physics, PHYS-641 Observational Astrophysics, and PHYS-642 Radiative Processes.

I study the surfaces and atmospheres of exoplanets by monitoring how their brightness and color change with time (for more details, read this brief review or this in-depth review). I'm an instigator of the ExoClimes meetings, which (unsurprisingly!) cover most of the scientific areas that interest me. As a member of the LUVOIR STDT and many other NASA/CSA committees, I promote research in planetary climate and help shape the landscape of future exoplanet missions. Here are videos of recent talks I've given to the public, scientists at large, and planetary scientists. When not working, I can usually be found playing with my son and enjoying the outdoors.

The McGill Exoplanet Characterization group (MECha) also includes graduate students Taylor Bell, Lisa Dang, Claire Guimond, Dylan Keating, Melissa Marquette, and Keavin Moore, as well as a rotating cadre of undergraduate researchers. Previous team members include James Bushong, Pablo Fuentes, Jackson Hoffart, CJ Hansen, Diana Jovmir, Maximilien Lamberti, Carl Majeau, Emily Pass, Sara Rastegar, Louis Shekhtman, Joel Schwartz, Jack Sklar, Talia Strait, and Sudarsan Sundararajan.