Graduate Studies

The McGill Space Institute is an interdisciplinary center with faculty from the Physics, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and Natural Resource Sciences Departments. The MSI does not directly grant degrees. Prospective graduate students should contact the appropriate department directly.

Graduate students affiliated with the MSI have the opportunity to conduct research in an exciting, inclusive and interdisciplinary environment. Students regularly get to interact with wold-class researchers from both inside and outside McGill.

Exceptional incoming M.Sc. and PhD students with MSI-affiliated supervisors are eligible for McGill Space Institute Graduate Fellowships.

The MSI and AstroMcGill also have many education and public outreach opportunities, allowing students to gain valuable teaching and mentoring skills while giving back to the Montreal community.

More information about how to apply for admission to McGill graduate programs can be found here.

Information about program requirements, application procedures and deadlines by department can be found here: