This site is dedicated to tracking the travels and exploits of two courageous explorers, the likes of which have not been seen since James T. Kirk and Jacques Cartier.
Ok, maybe they don't have to fight off Klingons while portaging a canoe through plasma swamps, but what they're doing takes guts just the same.

Dave Howard and Nick Cowan are traveling across Canada by bicycle this summer. Why? They saw that "crossing number 6 off your life's to-do list" Mastercard commercial and got inspired perhaps. I will leave the explanations to them, but in their absence, I will be updating this site with their journal entries as they mail them in, any pictures we get in the mail, and mapping their progress across Canada.

Want to know more about Nick and Dave? Check out their biographies with the link above. They have a number of contacts along the way that they are planning to stop at, and will hopefully be able to check their e-mail so drop them a line to say hello and give them encouragement.

- Derek Schaffer
May 11th, 2001

July 12th. Guess what everyone? The boys are back in town! The boys are back in town! (the boys are back! the boys are back!)

Last Updated: July 15th. More pics (set #3!), with such exciting subjects as Dave kicking Nick, and both of them pretending to be dead dinosaurs. (yes, the map will be updated soon)