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New Telescope Could Solve Mystery Of Deep-Space Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs)

Sep 12, 2017, Forbes

A unique new Canadian radio-telescope could solve the mystery behind so-called ‘fast radio bursts’ (FRBs) from deep space.

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Astronomers find fast-spinning 'clocks in the sky' using gaming tech

Sep 11, 2017, CBC News

Astronomers have discovered the fastest-spinning pulsar in our galactic disc, making it the second-fastest known — and they did it using gaming technology.

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This Huge Telescope is Built Like A Halfpipe and Hunts for Dark Energy

Sep 7, 2017, Motherboard

Today, a giant radio telescope in Western Canada is being turned on to begin its mission tracking the expanding growth of the universe. Scientists hope to find out more about the mysterious force behind this accelerating expansion—what they call dark energy. This makes up the majority of the universe, but we have no idea what it is.

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Un Télescope Pour « Écouter » Le Ciel En Entier

Sep 7, 2017, La Presse +

L’Université McGill inaugure aujourd’hui en Colombie-Britannique un engin unique au monde qui permettra de mieux détecter certains phénomènes rares. Nos explications.

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Listening for the universe to chime in

Sep 7, 2017, The Globe and Mail

On Thursday, a radio telescope in B.C. begins probing the heavens for signs of the expansion of our universe and the mysterious forces behind it. Ivan Semeniuk takes a closer look.

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